About This Site

How the system works

The UFLC is based on the same idea as the Unofficial Football World Championship (www.ufwc.co.uk).
It is contested in a boxing-style knockout competition, where the team that beats the defending champion then becomes the champion.

The first proper league champion was Preston North End in 1888-89, who went through the entire season undefeated. They then became the unofficial champion.
The next team to beat them - Aston Villa in the 1889-90 season - then became the unofficial league champion.

Points system

Following the UFWC points system, teams are awarded one point for a win in an unofficial championship title match, either as champion or challenger. No points are awarded for a draw.

Which matches are included?

Only proper league matches (ie. matches that determine the standings on the league table) and test/playoff matches (for relegation/promotion) count towards the UFLC.
Friendlies and pre-season trophies (such as the Charity/Community Shield) are not included in UFLC match results.


The UFLC was inspired by a question in The Guardian's Knowledge column, asking about a hypothetical Unofficial Premier League Champion, starting with the 1992-93 season. I then decided to research who would be the unofficial champion if results were taken from the very first English league season.
The two hypothetical championships merged on January 2nd, 1995, when Blackburn Rovers - the unofficial all-leagues champion - beat the unofficial Premier League champion West Ham United.

Who maintains this site?

The site was created, designed and written by Gilmore Davidson, a football-loving Aussie who's currently employed as a web programmer. The site is maintained in my free time, so it might be a few days before match results are updated. Also, I'm well aware that the site very much needs a visual overhaul — it's running the same design as when it was launched in 2006. One day it will be better...

Contact details

If you have suggestions or queries about the site, please email contact@uflc.co.uk

What about a World Championship?

The idea of working out the unofficial world league champion has occurred to me, but given the huge amounts of historical records involved - and the limited amounts of spare time I have - it's just not feasible at this time.
There is a note on the UFWC site that they are currently working on the same thing, so I'll leave it up to them for the moment.