This is the home site of the Unofficial Football League Championship of England (UFLC).

The UFLC is based on the same idea as the Unofficial Football World Championship (
Starting with the first ever Football League champion - Preston North End in 1888/89, who went through the entire season undefeated - the UFLC is contested in a boxing-style knockout competition. The team that beats the current unofficial champion then becomes the champion.

It was inspired by an article in The Guardian's Knowledge column, asking about a hypothetical Unofficial Premier League Champion.

To learn more about the system, take a look at the About page.

Last Season End Champion

Huddersfield Town
(Season End Titles: 2)
Current champion:
Swansea City
Last change match:
SCFC  1-0  LFC   22/01/2018
Held Title:8times
Total Champ. Points:16 
Current Streak:4matches
Next match:
BHA   -   SCFC   24/02/2018

Latest Champions

Swansea City 22/01/2018
Liverpool 14/01/2018
Manchester City 27/12/2017
Newcastle United 23/12/2017
West Ham United 09/12/2017
Chelsea 05/11/2017
Manchester United 28/10/2017
Tottenham Hotspur 23/09/2017
West Ham United 11/09/2017
Huddersfield Town 29/05/2017
Reading 16/05/2017